Presenting a Suitable Pattern to Transfer Technology from Armed Forces to Defense Industries for Mass Production

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1 Project Management, Imam Hossein University, Tehran, Iran.

2 Industrial Engineering-Material and Energy Research Center.

3 Imam Hossein University,Tehran, Iran.

4 Imam Hossein University, Tehran, Iran.


One of the concerns in research organizations is to convert the research projects to production procedures, since the prophecy, nature and mission of these organizations is, to convert an idea to research plan and to carry out research cycle from Needs assessment to develop a research sample and as the lack of industrialization and production infrastructure,  so the managers of these organizations always face the concern of why the research plans will not be produced and what the obstacles are. This has resulted in problems for most organizations. In the literature of this research, first, it is tried to study the principles and bases of technology , the principles and concepts of technology transmission, acquaintance with industrial products manufacturing methods in industrialized countries (the US and Russia) , familiarity with the technology transmission models, current problems on technology transmission of research projects to industry, explaining the technology transfer obligations in armed research organizations including type of sample definition in industrial research and executive phases of a research project. Then, according to the recognized problems and theoretical studies, with study (survey) of the types of technology transfer patterns in industrialized countries and Iran, and the successful investigation of research centers, a model is proposed consistent with national research organizations, and is validated by using viewpoints of 40 experts in the form of questionnaire and through analyzing the collected data in two ways. The Cornbrash's Alpha obtained for the model was 0.901. The model was then finalized and presented by adding two new procedures.


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