Non-Oil Export Development, Iran’s Sustainable Development Key Element in Global Business Environment ; (Performance, prospects, Success Key Factors)

Document Type : Original Article


Strategic Studies Expert in Daroupakhsh Holding Company, Tehran, Iran.


One of the key features of the modern business environment is globalization which has mainly changed functional areas of economic enterprises. Among the key areas we can mention organizations and enterprises activities territory in various fields of industry and services. In fact, in order to maintain the level of sale, profit and their competitive advantage, many enterprises with increased competition and competitiveness in domestic markets which is caused by globalization of business environment, national borders removing and the creation of cross-border markets and business environment in this area, have developed and expanded their activities out of their former territories and also have entered into the global markets through the use of different strategies, including development of export. In fact, today, the development and application of this approach is considered as a key element for sustainable development in a global business environment. Hence, in this paper we first provided an overview on the Islamic Republic of Iran performance in the field of Oil and non-oil export in recent years and adaptive comparison of Iran’s non-oil export and OIC countries and then, in order to map the route and realization of desired prospect to sustainable development of Iran’s non-oil export, we have investigated key success factors in this way at two levels: macro (Macro policies and strategies of the country) and micro (Requirements and enterprises components of the country). 


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