Passing Through Sanctions By Resistive Economy

Document Type : Original Article


1 Imam Hussein University, Tehran, Iran.

2 Uremia University, Uremia, Iran.


Disappointed from its military and cultural strategies and especially the soft war, the aggressive world system resorted to an illegal mechanism to put the Islamic state of Iran under hard pressure due to the economical shortcoming of the country. They imposed restrictive financial and trade unilateral sanctions against Iran. To counteract the sanctions, the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution proposed resistive economy and considered it as a vital goal in changing the direction of the country’s economy.
The aim of this paper is to answer the question and national needs, what is a suitable solution of counteract the sanctions. In this paper using content analysis approach and available resources, economic  sanction’s implications and its effectiveness are surveyed  in Iran and around the world. Explaining  resistive economy and its elements and components is concluded that the main solutions to overcome  sanctions and thwart their effects is using a resistive economy plan.