Analyzing the United Nations’ Security Council Arms Embargoes against Islamic Republic of Iran

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the Shiraz University International, Shiraz, Iran.


Following the intensifying of Iran’s nuclear crisis since 2006 onwards, the whole key parts of Iranian industries are subject to United Nations’ Security Council crippling sanctions. One of the main industrial parts of Iran sanctions regime is military and arms industries that were imposed for the first time in course of resolution 1737. Nevertheless, there are three Security Council arms embargoes against Iran, that is to say 1737, 1747 and 1925 among overall six sanctions. In this study, the method for gathering information is descriptive studies that are based on reviewing the most authoritative international instruments like Security Council’s arms embargoes. In the current study, we are looking for analysing firstly, UN Security Councils arms embargoes against Iran and then examining the positive effects and violations of so-called arms embargoes. In addition, we will carry out comparative study of UN Security Council’s arms embargoes regimes between Iran and Iraq and North Korea and ultimately point out the challenges and vacuities of arms embargoes against Iran.
The conclusion of current study showed that not only the UN Security Council arms embargoes against Iran didn’t make the arms and military industries with drawing, but also because of the unilateral arms embargoes since the beginning of glorious Islamic Revolution 1979, the arms and military industries had endured the least loss from arms embargoes and these embargoes made arms industries more profitable for Iranians.


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