Investigating the Process and Variables Affecting Iran's Accession to WTO with an Emphasis on Post-JCPOA Era

Document Type : Original Article


Young Researchers Club, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran


World Trade Organization (WTO) is one of the salient international organizations emerged after World War II. This immense international body had to be founded due to the necessity of the postwar period. Today, an enormous amount of international trades, up to 95 percent, is running within this organization. This study is to examine the process and impacts of Iran's accession to the WTO. The research was conducted using library and analytical methods. Iran has already made numerous and unbreakable measures to become a member of this organization and has promoted as an observer member. In general, full membership entails the adoption of a détente policy, especially in the Middle East. Moreover, to expedite administrative measures in the WTO, it is necessary to provide the context for employing qualified and knowledgeable lawyers familiar with the WTO system and rules. Flowing in the world trades and acceding to this organization has undeniable advantages and creates great opportunities for the Iranian economy, but taking step in this arena without preparation will bring about irreparable damages to the national economy. In this regard, measures such as optimization, flexibility and transparency of the financial system, the gradual elimination of government subsidies, the reform of foreign exchange and trade policies, the modernization of industries to attract foreign investment, the active encouragement of exporters, and the facilitation of affairs related to the factors of production play a significant role in reinforcing the domestic industry against the threats of membership. Moreover, in completing these measures, the use of a strong economic diplomacy is efficient in removing obstacles to commercial development of Iran.


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