Factors affecting organizational cynicism and its implications: A study among faculty members

Document Type : Original Article


PhD in Human Resource Management, Bandar Anzali Branch, Islamic Azad University, Bandar Anzal , Iran.


Cynicism is One of the organizational concepts which recently has been interested in many researchers. The Objective of this research is identifying the factors affecting organizational cynicism and its consequences of faculty members. After reviewing the literature and interviews with 15 experts, we used ANP technique to identify and rank the most important factors affecting organizational cynicism and its consequences. From the factors identified in this research, Perception of organizational politics is was the more important factor that has the greatest impact on organizational cynicism, and then Social cynicism, Violation of the psychological contract, Reducing Organizational Justice, Trait cynicism, reduce organizational support, reduce job security and Leadership style where the next-ranked priorities. Cynicism about change was the most important consequences of organizational cynicism and reduce organizational citizenship behavior, organizational commitment and job satisfaction were the next-ranked priorities. Research findings suggest that universities should consider the factors influencing organizational cynicism and control it to avoid undesired outcomes of this phenomenon.