Management of new media in the marketing of sports products

Document Type : Original Article


1 PhD Student, Department of Sports Management, Kermanshah Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran

2 PhD student in Sports Management, Kurdistan University, Sanandaj, Iran

3 PhD student in Sports Management, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran


The main goal of this research was to manage new media in the marketing of sports products in the country. The research method of content analysis is qualitative and practical in terms of purpose. The statistical population of the research includes people with experience in sports recovery management at different levels of sports. Experts and professors were knowledgeable in the marketing issues of the country and the officials of the marketing committee of the sports federations. The interviews continued in a purposeful and snowball manner and finally 21 people were interviewed. Finally, the data from the interviews were analyzed through three stages of open, central and selective coding. In the category of internet marketing in sports, the concepts obtained from these cases include: the lack of a specific trustee in sports internet marketing, Lack of managerial stability in the country's sports, lack of comprehensive and coherent laws and regulations, lack of internet marketing structure in sports, lack of correct application of internet marketing in the processes and functions of sports business, insisting on using traditional methods in sports business, state of sports , the recent economic crisis and the budget reduction of sports organizations, The inappropriateness of the role and importance of internet marketing in the sports industry, the lack of marketing experts in the country's sports, the lack of an evaluation system for internet marketing spaces in the country's sports, and the political conditions governing the government and consequently the country's sports.