The role of higher education in economic growth and development

Document Type : Original Article


Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Azad Oxford University, Oxford, UK


A suitable education system, In particular, higher education is the main prerequisite for the development of any country and the key to keep the country in the line of progress, which has been followed by the developed countries .The purpose of this research, is to investigate the role and position of higher education in economic growth and development. The theoretical basis of this research is based on the theories of human capital, human development and approaches related to investment returns in education. Thus, this article explores and expresses the process of achieving economic development through higher education. This is a library research and is complicated by examining domestic and foreign books and articles. The obtained results indicate that, firstly, increasing the productivity of higher education and making it more practical has a positive and significant effect on growth. Secondly, investing in university education will have a positive effect on economic growth as well. It is clear that in addition to the quantitative and qualitative expansion of the university system, in order to achieve a balanced, comprehensive and fair development, other factors such as infrastructure, the state of the macroeconomic environment, The level of health and education of the country's population, market size, open market, political stability and democracy, productivity of manufactured goods, labor and financial market, technological readiness, political conditions, economic and social stability, absence of corruption, efficient bureaucracy, etc. must be present.