The Role of Digital Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy in the Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Digital Entrepreneurship Performance in Digital Start-ups

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Economic Law, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Mass Communication, San Jose State University, California, USA.


This study investigates the role that digital entrepreneurial self-efficacy is likely to play in the effect of entrepreneurship education on digital entrepreneurship performance in digital start-ups. This is an applied research conducted through a descriptive survey using standard questionnaires. The statistical population included all the employees of the digital Start-ups in the city of Tehran who numbered 8231, according to the statistics. Of this population, using Cochran's formula, a sample consisting of 367 was formed (n = 367), the individual members of which were selected using simple random sampling. Validity of the questionnaire was assessed and confirmed by the academic experts. Its reliability, as measured in terms of Cronbach's alpha (= 0.859), was high and thus, confirmed. The obtained survey data for the test of the research hypotheses were analyzed using SEM-PLS technique. The results indicated that entrepreneurship education had a positive and significant effect on digital entrepreneurial self-efficacy and digital entrepreneurship performance. In addition, digital entrepreneurial self-efficacy was found to have a positive and significant role in enhancing digital entrepreneurship performance.