Providing a Digital Marketing Adoption and Application Model for Promotion of Brand Equity

Document Type : Original Article


Phd student, Faculty of Management, Islamic Azad University, Sari branch, sari, iran.


Present research investigates how a digital marketing adoption and application model developed by managers can promote brand equity in small enterprises. This is an applied research with a quantitative approach conducted through an exploratory design. The statistical population included all senior managers of small enterprises operating in digital markets. The sample size was determined by theoretical saturation after conducting 12 in-depth interviews with the managers who had been selected using purposive, non-probability, convenience sampling. The coding involved three stages of open, axial, and selective coding performed in MAXQDA software. In this process, of 184 initial concepts, 35 categories were formed. Next, by axial coding, the categories were grouped into 7 major themes: organizational factors, technical factors, digital marketing strategies, digital marketing tools, digital marketing outcomes, and brand equity. Finally, in the selective coding, all description axes and storyline were drawn and the research final model was set up. According to the results, digital marketing strategies, by aiding small enterprises to get better access to target markets, identify customers, and stimulate sales growth, improves their brand equity.


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