The Role of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Loyalty on Moonlighting Intentions

Document Type : Original Article


MS, Faculty of Educational Sciences (Educational Planning), Sari Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran.



The purpose of this research is to investigate the role of job satisfaction and organizational loyalty on teachers' moonlighting intentions in the Education Office. This is an applied research with a quantitative (comparative) approach conducted through a descriptive survey using standard questionnaires. The statistical population included all the e Middle school teachers of Mazandaran province, numbering 12250, according to the statistics. Of this population, using Cochran's formula, a sample consisting of 367 was formed (n = 373), the individual members of which were selected using simple random sampling. For measurement of the variables, we made use of the standard questionnaire developed by Elsharnouby et al (2021). Validity of the questionnaire was assessed and confirmed by the academic experts. Its reliability, as measured in terms of Cronbach's alpha (= 0.859), was high and thus, confirmed. The obtained survey data for the test of the research hypotheses were analyzed using SEM-PLS technique. The results show that job satisfaction and loyalty have a negative and significant effect on the moonlighting intentions of the teachers. The results also indicate that job satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on the loyalty of teachers in the Education Office.